When you get up your scent lingers,
I can feel your touch when you’re not even there.
Secret kisses,
Countless hours of love.
This sunny rainy day brings a smile to me with the tears of angels falling down.
Cleanse our hearts,
Cleanse our spirits.
What time is it?
Where am I?
It doesn’t matter,
Love has my mind in a twist.
Sweet love torments me.
Broken hearts,
Stolen kisses.
Stolen stars,
Captured suns.
A single touch from you can melt my heart.
Pins and needles reach my lungs and releases my oxygen when I see you.
Can I breathe without you?
Can I ignore you even though you are right next to me?
I feel the coolness of your breath on my neck.
Now, I feel a real sharp pain.
I awaken to see you next to me with blood dripping from your soft lips…
Who are you?
What did you do to me?
My first bite…
This stolen bite…

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