The 2018 Guide to Picking a Champion In March

In a field of 68 teams, it can be hard to put together a successful bracket in March. Everyone aims to create the perfect bracket, but March is always full of upsets, triumphs, and painful defeats. As of today we have dwindled these teams down to 64. I take it one step further.
There are 3 categories you want put teams in during the tournament when attempting to find a champion.

  1. Contenders
  2. Surprises
  3. Upsets

The Contenders category features 4 criteria, in which a team will have to check-off at least 3 of the 4 criteria to be included. These criteria are:

  • 1-4 Seed
  • Talent
  • Experience
  • Coaching

The Surprises category features the teams that are seeded 5-9 than can make deep tournament runs. These teams have a player that can carry them in the tournament or play a style that is beneficial in a single-game elimination tournament. The criteria of this category are

  • Teams with Freshman
  • A Power 5 Conference team with multiple juniors and seniors
  • Teams with 2 players as their best in scoring, rebounding, and assisting

The Upsets category consists of teams that are vulnerable to being upset and teams that can do the upsetting. The main criteria of this category are

  • Teams with Injuries
  • 1-4 seeds who rely on freshman
  • Match-ups in the 1st round
  • Style of Play

I created a bracket of with these criteria and came up with 4 teams in the Contenders and Surprises category (one for each bracket). I will also include 4 potential upsets for the Upsets category. We’ll start with the Contenders Category

  1. Arizona (South Region)
  2. Villanova (East Region)
  3. Kansas (Midwest Region)
  4. North Carolina (West Region)

Next we’ll go to the Surprises Category

  1. Kentucky (South Region)
  2. West Virginia (East Region)
  3. Rhode Island (Midwest Region)
  4. Missouri (West Region)

Finally, we’ll end with the Upsets Category, I’ll give 4 potential upsets in the 1st round

  1. Wright State over Tennessee (South Region)
  2. Marshall over Wichita State (East Region)
  3. Syracuse over TCU (Midwest Region)
  4. South Dakota State over Ohio State (West Region)

May the odds be in your favor

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