School Walkouts!!!

Are the school walkouts insanely counterproductive? What do they accomplish? Awareness of what? An issue?
I do think they have the right to protest. However, its painted as a societal issue when it really is an individual one. Thus it’s far more disrespectful when the media outlets exploit the students who represent a “cause” then use their cause to propagate an agenda.
Yet the media feeds the burn by false narratives insisting assault rifles kill the majority of people and insists everyone with a gun is a loon. 500,000 to 3,000,000 gun incidents are in self-defense and saving a life. Interestingly, more people kill people with pistols.
But there is an increased burden of pressure being placed on gun owners and automatic weapon owners specifically to take responsibility for crimes against children that were recently committed at a Florida school.
The continuous blame on the weapon is becoming more static and contrite. The problem with empathy and sympathy in cases like this is people tend to let the moment effect decision-making that is typically reserved for rational & critical thinking.

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