Lovely Blue Bird

Stairway to my heart,
But this is just the start.
Will we ever come apart?
Trading our smiles,
Not knowing that its worth a while.
To look up into the light,
And hoping everything is going to be alright.
I will grab you a star,
And make it shoot and shine so far.
Just wait to see the ending,
Which will lead to a new beginning.
One door closes,
Another on opens.
Only we can choose out fate,
Keeping our bodies enclosed and our love open.
Keeping together our trust,
Sometimes you just gotta shake off the dust,
For now I can embrace the golden dust.
Break the metal chains,
And ignore the pain,
Because soon it will be our time to reunite again,
In our secret sanctuary.
Not even able to seen as high of a view of a planes,
But when planes fly,
They are sure to be lonely in the beautiful sky.
Things can go wrong with just a blink of an eye
Lovely Blue Bird,
Please tell me where did you go?
I’m in the sanctuary,
With kisses to give and with wishful dandelion to blow.
“I will be there soon, my sweet”,
Whispered words from your little beak.
“I’ll be back soon, just wait,
Lay you’re little head down in the shade,
Close your eyes softly as my whispers caress your heart and soul,
For soon I will be there, my love,
So our two hearts can beat together and be whole again”.
As I wait,
I suddenly became someone’s bait.
Taken with just one gasp to spare,
With just seconds to bare.
Where are you my sweet lovely blue bird?
What happened to the things I heard?
“Soon, I’m coming even though you might not see,
Beside you, soon I will be”.
Slay the beast that took my love away,
Make him regret he ever stepped on the dirty ground as he did his first day.
I can hear the ‘boom’ in your step,
Now I will no longer be upset.
Because soon you will rescue me,
Soon we can both be free.
Slay the beast,
And after we shall have a feast.
I will share my feathers,
Because soon,
We will be together.

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