School Shootings By The Numbers & What You Need To Know

90 percent of public schools have a written plan for responding to school shootings, and 70 percent of those schools had drilled students on the plan. That’s a great thing right? But it’s more than likely to happen to someone by a person who does not have a mental illness. Is this because they have gone undiagnosed? Or not thoroughly checked?
The Secret Service could produce no useful “profile” of a school shooter, finding that attackers “varied considerably in demographics, background, and other characteristics.” Still, they offered several notable insights.
Below are some of the report’s statistics, which incorporate school shootings:

  • All of the attacks were committed by males.
  • 98 percent of the attackers experienced or perceived a major loss prior to the attack.
  • 78 percent of attackers had a history of suicide attempts or suicidal thoughts prior to their attack.
  • 71 percent of attackers felt persecuted, bullied, threatened, attacked, or injured by others prior to the incident (in several cases that harassment was described as “long-standing and severe”).
  • Almost all of the attackers (95 percent) were current students at the school.
  • More than half (59 percent) of the attacks occurred during the school day.
  • In 73 percent of the incidents, the attackers had a grievance against at least one of their targets.
  • Most attackers used a gun as their primary weapon, with 61 percent using handguns and 49 percent using rifles or shotguns.
  • Three-quarters of attackers used only one weapon, although nearly half of them carried multiple weapons during the attacking the majority of incidents (81 percent) the attacker carried out the incident on his own.

The Safe Schools Initiative report focused on behaviors of school shooters leading up to their attack.
The New York Times found that just 4% of violence is associated with serious mental illness alone. “Evidence is clear that the large majority of people with mental disorders do not engage in violence against others, and that most violent behavior is due to factors other than mental illness,” the study concluded.
I collected information from several sources like The New York Times, Fox News, CDC, Secret Service & the NCBI.

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