The Top 5 Worst Presidents Ever!

Worst Presidents Ever

This list is solely my opinion. It will present the 5 men who have done harm to this country and served their duty the least to his fellow-man or woman as President of the United States of America. I will list 4 issues identifying those things that i believe makes the case for worst President. Let’s get on with it:
#5 Bill Clinton – Democrat

1. Foreign Policy/ Bin Laden
2. Whitewater/Clinton Body Bags
3. Rendition
#4 Barack Obama – Democrat

1. Foreign Policy
2. Health Care
3. Continuation of Wars
4. War Crimes/ Drone Wars
#3 Ronald Reagan – Republican

1. Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Beirut, Nicaragua, Lebanon.
2. Economic/ Financial Policies.
3. AIDS.
4. Al Qaeda.
#2 George W. Bush – Republican

1. Mass Surveillance State (Patriot Act & Homeland Security Obstructions of U.S. Constitution)
2. Economic policies
3. Foreign policies
4. Class Warfare (Us vs You)
#1 George H.W. Bush Republican

1. Mastermind of war on muslims and middle east
2. Mastermind of drug war
3. Mastermind of private prison proliferation
4. N.W.O & JFK
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