We Must Think!

If a person does not think, are they really not a member of the human race? The ability to think is what makes us human, different, unique & special. Being special and or unique are completely different things. When we attend school 99% of the time we are not being taught we are being indoctrinated. We need to ask ourselves why society or the ubiquitous “THEY” constantly infiltrate the mind to prevent us from thinking for oneself. The less we think, the more we become animals. Haven’t you ever questioned what a “teacher” says, then they immediately deflect? Why? We have been chosen to be co-opted. It is constructed to a massive degree that “THEY”, THE SYSTEM, exploit the weaknesses of people and celebrate shame. But not everyone is like this, hence the question. People have been methodically implemented into a structure of predation, parasites, the forgotten, while we strive for to be and wish to attain to have when not oppressed.

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