Homeless numbers rising in the United States

The national average for homeless persons increased almost a full 1%. However it has increased exponentially in bigger populus areas like Sacramento, New York, Seattle, San Diego and Los Angeles.
Los Angeles alone saw their homeless population increase a 1/4 and surpassing 55,000 people, according the Department of Housing & Urban Development. The national average is at a seven year increase sitting at 647,000 people nearly a decade ago to 554,000 persons today. According to the BBC, “The counts are conducted by regional authorities on a single night in late January each year and include those sleeping on the streets or in cars as well as those in emergency shelters for the night.”
But why? Aren’t the markets up? Doesn’t that and shouldn’t that create more jobs? Is it legal and illegal immigration highly concentrated markets themselves or what? Is this to blame on Donald Trump? Didn’t hr defund programs? Is this the fallout?

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