Metered Water in Thames a Trick for Big Brother???👀

Putting meters in peoples water is pathetic.
Bosses have warned that at present rates there will be a water shortage of 133 million liters of water per day – the amount needed by 850,000 people.
Mark Todd, of comparison site Energyhelpline, told the Daily Mail: “It seems rather “Big Brother” to force people into having a smart meter that monitors their water usage by the hour. “There is no way of knowing how firms might use this type of information in the future.”

This is utterly insane to do what with and who see’s this information???? You cannot do this to people. If I were them I would change companies as soon as possible. The company has millions of customers. Join someone else now. This will lead to something else. They already installed 250,000 and is aiming to have all its customers using them by 2030, according to The SUN.

The firm says the scheme is needed to reduce water usage as people on meters typically use 12 percent less water.

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