John F. Kennedy Remembered

November 22, 2018 marks 55 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the last president to be killed while in office. Let us also remember a great President that lost his life 55 years ago. So many truths will be coming soon. His mission to expose the secret societies that have been in control is finally coming to life. 55 years ago America was in great shock, we Americans will be in shock once more. This time it will be in truth.

He is the BRAVE one mentioned in our NATIONAL Anthem! He stood up to the ones stealing our FREEDOM and paid the ultimate price. May his desire to expose them be realized, may the ones who have been blind see and become TRUTH seekers! That is what he wanted for us, Truth and Liberty for all! Thankful for President Kennedy and his brother Robert, the ’60s were a different time and the last for many.
I truly believe that JFK was one of the last people with a sense of love for America and it’s people, not just a lust for power and to remake it.

In today’s political climate he’d not be deemed a Democrat, for he was a fiscal Conservative, and his social policies were ones that the GOP supporter while being opposed by those within his own party, civil rights being one of them. If he was around today he could possibly be one to lead a third party into national prominence and potential occupancy of the Oval Office, maybe even the Libertarian party.

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