Who Is The Greatest Sports 💫Star Ever?

We often have these debates with our buddies whether its over a few beers, watching a game, in the car to stir things up or just for the heck of it. The “Question” is always, who is Greatest Of All Time?

The list I have presented consists of people at their peaks and what they have done to make a mark on their respective sports, the legend they created, their endurance, their consistency in winning when it matters(clutch gene), their all over threat to their competition and whether or not they got bigger than the sport they made their name in. Let’s see if your list matches up with mine!

Here are the Greatest…

30. Larry Bird

29. Lebron James

28. Shaquille O’Neal

27. Floyd Mayweather

26. Roger Clemens

25. Lance Armstrong

24. Mike Tyson

23. Magic Johnson

22. Jeff Gordon

21. Derek Jeter

20. Michael Phelps

19. Mariano Rivera

18. Anderson Silva

17. Ric Flair

16. Jim Brown

15. Bo Jackson

14. Jerry Rice

13. Bruce Lee

12. Usain Bolt

11. Pele

10. Wayne Gretzky

9. Babe Ruth

8. Tom Brady

7. Roger Federer

6. Lawrence Taylor

5. Joe Montana

4. Serena Williams

3. Tiger Woods

2. Muhammad Ali

1. Michael Jordan

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