The Best Movies Ever

We often think about our favorite films when we need some type of entertainment of course. Those favorites usually consist of our most enjoyable scenes, actors, quotes, etc. Here is my list of the Best Movies Ever, along with a franchise or two that need to be included for its story in its entirety. Please tell me what your favorites are and if I left anything off. I am not a movie critic, I just know what I like. Let’s Begin!!!

My Favorite Films…

The Godfather

We want to pull for the Corleone’s, we want to root for the criminals, we want to be them. They humanized so many families. It is the greatest movie ever, art can only happen when there is conflict.

The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger’s performance blows everyone out of the water. His predecessor in the role, Jack Nicholson warned him of the darkness the character would demand. He utilized that darkness and created a legion of fans for life. The brilliance of this movie much like many on this list makes you want to watch the movie repeatedly.

The Silence of the Lambs

“Hello, Clarice.” Can send chills down your spine. The reason people love this movie I think is because it’s based off a real-life character such as Buffalo Bill. That helped draw me in. The power of acting screams awards, just ask Anthony Hopkins. If I’m not mistaken, Hopkins barely appeared in less than 30-minutes of the movie. He was so powerful he even won the industries top award for an actor.

The Departed

Every single actor kills, literally! This just may be the greatest assembly of actors in one film ever. Granted you have the Avengers, but c’mon. Scorsese even won his first award for directing this movie. With twists and turns, I couldn’t see coming it holds its own.

Saving Private Ryan

I think its fair to say it is hands down the greatest war movie ever.

Goodnight & Good Luck

In a time that sounds like now, it’s quite ironic with the similarities. This is what journalism and reporting should be. David Strathairn who plays Edward R. Murrow may not be the spitting image on the outside, but his mastering of the man on the inside is show-stealing.

Jurassic Park & it’s Franchise

Another Spielberg masterpiece that brought dreams to life for so many children and adults. With help of animatronics and at that time brand new special effects. I literally went to the movies with my dad 10 times to go see it.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Leo should have 2 Oscars, this one being his first. He reminds of Jack Nicholson, he is this generations Jack.

A Few Good Men

A heavyweight match of old vs new and young versus old truly shined here. It was the equivalent to a WWE match, a heel versus face.

The Passion of the Christ

The greatest story ever told perhaps. With Mel Gibson leading the way and Jim Caviezel in the role of Jesus Christ, it was beautifully told. It now seems the resurrection is next and to start filming in 2018 or 2019.


When I first saw this movie in school I was amazed. With the history of the war preceding it and strength of George Scott, it delivered in a major way.


You want thuggery? You want badass? You want no shits given? You want the world? Baby this is the movie for you. Oliver Stone brought Pacino’s career back to life with this film. This film has been emulated by so many rappers today for what it represents, its what they aim to accumulate, “the world.” It is the shit.


Mel Gibson is superb, even with his odd Scottish accent. With storytelling of the war between Scotland and England, and insight to the prelude to Robert The Bruce I really appreciated it. Even though, some of the dates and other minor historical stuff isn’t exact.

Star Wars Franchise

Paging George Lucas, paging George Lucas, there is a reason you are a multi-billionaire. Maybe only Spielberg could’ve matched the fan fiction brilliance you have created. The genius over the decades you’ve displayed is by far ahead of most. With such creation of such omnibus characters that have stayed alive through excellent storytelling, you are the king of science fiction.


I can watch this twice a month without a doubt. Love it.


Can you say mind fucked? Wow, this was damn good. Was he in reality or not?

The Green Mile

The humanization of a man is at the forefront of this movie, catapulting Michael Clarke Duncan to stardom opposite Tom Hanks. I teared up a bit not gonna lie.

No Country for Old Men

Silence is beautiful. Perhaps the scariest figure since Hannibal Lecter, Javier Bardem captures what a real-life boogeyman is all about. That air pump was vicious.


Should I even say why this is here? Just look ⬆up. When you thought the old man didn’t have it anymore, he proves he can still go. #Classic

The Last Samurai

I know I’ll get some slack for this one too, but hey it was a powerful movie with a dramatic ending.

The Exorcist

Who doesn’t love a real-life nightmare? The film brought demons to the forefront of peoples reality. They do exist. Linda Blaire was amazing for such a young actress. The music was and still is creepy as hell.

The Fugitive

Harrison for is really really good in this but the detective mastery by Tommy Lee Jones robs the spotlight from Ford.

The Untouchables

Some people may not like this pick but man it had its moments and it kicked ass “the Chicago way” lol. Sean Connery was damn good and DeNiro as Capone was a perfect fit.

A Beautiful Mind

If the ending to this movie and the brilliance by Russell Crowe does not mind bind your thoughts, I’m not sure what can. I think this is Russell Crowe’s best film.

Inglorious Bastards

Everyone is a savage, I rooted for the ending we should’ve had in this world. Brad Pitt should’ve won his Oscar for this film.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

The glory of comedy is when you don’t even have to try, Steve Martin and John Candy make you laugh through this entire classic. You got straight face Martin and color guy Candy, it’s so memorable.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Worlds collided when Warner Bros.’ and Disney appeared in the same movie. At the time this film was created, it was the most expensive animated film ever made.

Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino plays with the hand of Aces & 8’s in this one from a social standpoint. However the acting of leading men and woman are incredible, from Leo to Jaime to Christoph, Samuel L. Jackson and Kerry Washington were fucking awesome. Samuel L. Jackson steals the screen with his performance.


While in subtitles, this movie was pure art in music, emotion, battle, and storytelling. This may be the most underrated movie on this list. Jet Li and his supporting cast were great in swindling the king for a greater cause.


Arguably Scorsese’s dime piece. It’s the most beautiful told story of rising and falling on this list. Not to mention the narration by Ray Liotta was the icing on the cake.

The Pianist

Adrien Brody was amazing.

The Lion King

I can’t tell you how many times I watched this on video. A brothers betrayal and a son’s redemption. Hamlet in a cartoon. #JamesEarlJones

Cast Away

Talk about an isolationist, tom hanks held his own with his supporting cast member Wilson.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Have you ever rooted for such strange characters in a movie ever? Didn’t think so.


When dreams come true, and the payoff is better than expected, well it becomes one of my favorites ever.

Forest Gump

I knew what I was getting with this box of chocolates. Just like Jurassic Park, I saw this a ton in theatres.

World War Z

It’s got government involvement, conspiracies, and action I was in all the way.

The Shinning

I was freaked out wondering if Jack was really like that, but couldn’t stop watching it as I was scared as shit. You got to look right?

King Of New York

Christopher Walken basically played himself it seems. Cold, stern, funny and odd. Savage when he had to be. Laurence Fishburn, David Caruso, and Wesley Snipes were also amazing.

Mrs. Doubtfire

I couldn’t leave this list without one of my favorites. At the time I was younger and seen Robin Williams willing to do anything to spend time with his kids, it really spoke to me. Boy, Robin being gone is still fucked up. He will always be one of my favorites.
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